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"Duke's" Pedigree

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"Duke" - 1 Day Old

"Duke" - 2 weeks old, with a face you just had to love.

"Duke" - 5 Weeks

"Duke" - 9 weeks

"Duke" - 5 weeks

"Duke" - 9 weeks

"Duke" - 5 weeks

"Duke" - 9 weeks

"Duke" in the study, 8 Months old. Duke is owned by Bill Pierpoint, of California.

"Duke" - 8 Months old @ the river, while in Idaho for the summer. "Kokeb's" puppies just LOVE the water.

"Duke" - 12 Months old, back in his yard at home in So Ca.

"Duke" & his girlfriend Tahoe, who is a Lab/Shorthair rescue, taking in some rays.

"Duke" @ 2 years

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