CH FSS KMK Esser Sambuca v Greif JH, NRD, NA I

(KMK Norden Axel v Greif  X GCH KMK Holy Mole v Greif JH)


(KMK Norden Axel v Greif  X GCH KMK Holy Mole v Greif JH)

"Sambuca" Pedigree Genetic % Report


OFA  HIPS=Good  ~ Elbows=Normal ~ Cardiac=Clear ~ CD=N/N ~ DNA#


Height - 26  /  Weight - 75     Coat - Dense/Harsh


Breeder: Donna Schauer of FSS Shorthairs

Co-Owners: Kitty Keiner of KMK Shorthairs, Donna Schauer of FSS Shorthairs, Erica Morris of Aus dem Norden GSPs


"Sambuca" is a very balanced dog, with a beautiful layback of shoulders, lots of angles in the rear, and effortless movement.  He has plenty of bone, a very dard dense/harsh coat, and that great "Greif/EsserGreif" head with beautiful dark "Almond Eyes". He is a big boy, who stands @  26" with a weight of approx 75 lbs.  "Sambuca" is out of the FSS Shorthairs Kennel; a Line Bred "GREIF"/"EsserGreif"  Breeding to our stud Axel, in which we were able to combine the best of the old Pacific NW "Greif" lines with the great old Mid West "EsserGreif" lines. It has been our goal to preserve some of these great old lines. "Sambuca" is a very beautiful and sweet boy, and a welcome addition to our breeding program.

"Sambuca" shows many of the traits of his ancestors. He has a wonderful temperament, and a way of winning hearts, exhibiting that old "Greif" charm.  "Sambuca" finished his Show Championship easily in 3 weekends of showing, and earned a Sweepstakes placement at the 2016 GSPCA NSS. He then went to WI to Train with Tracy Harmeyer of Krystal Creek Kennels, where he earned his Junior Hunter and a Prize 1 NAVHDA Natural Ability title.  "Sambuca"  is a very biddable "Gun Dog" with an outstanding nose, a passion for the hunt, and a love of water. We have great plans for this beautiful young boy.






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