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(10/03/2000 - 10/06/2010)

("Wit" was named for "Fred Whitfield", a World All Around Rodeo Champion, & World Tie Down Rodeo Champion)


“Wit” threw himself totally into everything he did. “Wit” loved showing, he really loved his women, and he really, really loved his birds.  But most of all “Wit” loved me.


 I will miss you my sweet boy…thank you for the beautiful children you have left for me…and those left for the other people who are blessed to have them…your spirit lives on.

"Wit" Wit's Pedigree Genetic %  Report

("Wit" is available at Stud to Approved Bitches)


Height - 23 3/4  /  Weight - 65     Coat - Dense/Harsh

"Wit" is a very balanced, "Standard Size" dog with a short straight back. He has plenty of bone, and that classic "Greif" head with beautiful dark "Almond Eyes". He stands @  24" with a weight of approx 65 lbs. Wit" is a Finished Show Champion & received a placements at the GSPCA 2003 NSS. "Wit"  is a "Natural Retriever", be it land or water, and is an excellent "Gun Dog", who has passion, class & natural ability to spare. "Wit" has wonderful temperament. He is both a comedian & a flirt, and has a way of winning hearts, exhibiting that old "Greif" charm. "Wit's" puppies are most often personal Gun Dogs and family house dogs, many of whom have earned Hunt Test Titles, NAVHDA Titles & Field Trial Wins & Placements.

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"Wit" on point at 6 weeks - Already showing what definition was to come.

"Wit" @ 8 mths - One of "Wit's" best features is that classic "Greif" head and his beautiful "Almond" eyes!!

"Wit" goes Winners Dog for 1 Point Under Judge Chuck Herendeen @ Lompoc Valley Kennel Club, July 07, 2001 - Handled by Carol Cronk

"Wit" goes Winners Dog for 1 point Under judge Edd Biven @ Santa Barbara Kennel Club, July 30, 2001 - Handled by Carol Cronk

"Wit" goes Winners Dog for 1 point, under Judge Dr. J. Engel @ Ventura County Dog Fanciers Assoc, January 20, 2002 - Handled by Carol Cronk

"Wit" goes Winners Dog for 2 Points Under Judge Pluis Davern @ Tuscon Kennel Club March 24, 2002 - Handled by Geri Griffin

"Wit" goesWinners Dog for 2 Points under Dr. J. Engel @ Canada Del Oro Kennel Club, March 25, 2002 - Handled by Geri Griffin

"Wit" goes Best of Winners for 2 points under Judge Daisey Schapheer @ Antelope Valley Kennel Club, May 26, 2002 - Handled by Bonnie DeMille

"Wit" @ 2 yrs

"Wit" - 2nd American Bred Dog at the GSPCA 2003 NSS in Riverside, CA under Judge John Cole- Handled by Geri Griffin

"Wit" - Cooling Off

"Wit" -Glad To Be In the Field At Last!!!!!

"Wit" - July 2003 - begins his Field Trainig with Leroy Merrell.

"Wit" & Leroy - July 2003

"Wit" - August 2003 - 1 month into training, starting to look like a Bird Dog!!!

"Wit" - after 6 weeks with Leroy

"Wit" - after 6 weeks with Leroy

"Wit" - after 6 weeks with Leroy

"Wit" - Napping with 3 Mth Daughter "Gretchen" & 6 Mth sister "Yunga".

"Wit" earns his Show Championship @ Sioux Valley Kennel Club Oct 2006, Handled by Erica Morris to BOW and a 5 Point Major!!

"Wit" "Vegas" "Riki" "Duke" "Jackson" "Axel" "George" "Pete" "Beau" KMK Boys

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