FC/AFC Ammertals Baron V.D. Wildburg

(Clearruns Abe V D Wildburg X Essers Heika J V.D. Wildburg)


"Bear" Pedigree Genetic % Report

OFA  HIPS=Good ~ DNA# V576669

Height - 25 ~  Weight - 60  ~  Coat - Dense/Harsh

 Owner: Tom Wynn

Available at Stud to Approved Bitches



"Bear" is "Standard Size" dog standing about 25 inches and weighs 60 lbs. 


Bear earned his FC and AFC while handled by is amateur owner Tom Wynn. 


"Bear" is an exciting and Classy Field Trial dog with Wins and Placements in both Walking and Horseback stakes. His performance is competitive at the highest levels.  "Bear" is a Shooting Dog but at times demonstrates All Age Range.  "Bear" is an outstanding hunting dog and has the ability to perform well on a variety of birds from Wild Chukar, Huns, Pheasant and his primary bird the Bobwhite Quail. 


"Bear" has an Excellent Temperament, is Friendly and Confident and gets along well with other dogs.  He handles training very well and is Mentally Tuff.  


Bear was bred on two outstanding females; his mother Hieka and fraternal grandmother Freda.  Both of these females were Exceptional Field Dogs, very Hard Driving and Smart, which is very representative of the parents, who were Line Bred on Ammertals Lancer D.   A review of the pedigree will show several Hall of Fame, NFC and DC dogs.  These dogs represent some of finest German Shorthaired Pointers within the "Grief", "Wildburg" and "Wasserschling" lines.  Several proven breeding sequences can be seen within the pedigree; Sire of the Sire is the Grandsire of the Dam, Half Sibling breeding, the occasional Outcrosses and finally "Motherline" breeding.  


Bear demonstrates all the characteristics of the lines; Passionate Hunting, Easy Moving Gait, Classy Appearance, Mentally Tuff and SMART!

Feel Free to Contact:

Tom Wynn

Phone: (918) 876-2337

E-Mail: twynn70@hotmail.com


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