Lehmschlogs Leult Kokeb JH

(Starbuck v Greif X Lehmschlogs Kit v Greiwe)


(09/20/1999 - 2013)

("Kokeb's"  name means "Princess Star", in reference to her Dad "Starbuck v Greif")

Kokeb Pedigree Genetic % Report


Cardiac - Normal ~  DNA# V250335

Height - 21 1/4  /  Weight - 45     Coat - Med Dense/Med Harsh

"Kokeb" is the Foundation Bitch for  KMK Shorthairs. "Kokeb" is an excellent "Gun Dogs", who has passion, class & natural ability to spare.  "Kokeb's " 1st litter produced 2 Show Champions ("Pete" & "Irish"), who received placements @ the "GSPCA 2003 NSS",   & have both Hunt Test & NAVHDA Titles.  The puppies from her subsequent litters have shown great promise, with an excellent nose, boldness, love of water, and tons of natural ability. They have excelled as personal Gun Dogs, and have earned Hunt Test, NAVHDA NA, UPT & UT Tiles, and Field Trial placements. They are also wonderful  family house dogs.  

"Kokeb"  is a lot of dog in a tight little package, standing just over 21" with a weight of approx 45 lbs.

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"Kokeb" 1yr


"Kokeb" Made it known, that she was Born to Hunt!!!! - I couldn't agree more. She has proven to be a great little bird dog!!!

"Kokeb" 2yrs on Point

"Kokeb" has also proven to be a fabulous mother and gave us a great litter November 16, 2001.

"Kokeb" - Oct 26th, 2002 - Junior Hunter - 4 legs in 4 days with an average of 2-10's on all score Cards

"Kokeb" @ 3 years - Doing what she does best. This Girl lives to HUNT!!!

"Kokeb" - a girl with a 1 track mind.... BIRDS, BIRDS, & BIRDS!!!!!!

"Kokeb" - On Cloud 9 - with her "New Best Friend", John Tyler after a day of Pheasent Hunting in MN.

"Kokeb" with her grandson "Beau" & 1/2 sister "Yunga".

"Kokeb" "Irish" "Lottie" "Mia" "Yunga" "Jo D" "D D" "Whiskey" "Houston" "Annie" "K D" KMK Ladies

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