Lehmschlogs KMK D D v Greif

(Lehmschlogs Starbuck v Greif X Lehmschlogs Schokolade)

"D D"

( 07/30/05)

("D D" is named after "Lancer D",  who shows up frequently in her pedigree )

D D Genetic % Report Pedigree

OFA Hips=Good / Elbows=Normal ~ DNA# (Pending)

Height - 20 1/2"  ~  Weight 40 lb      Coat Dense/Med


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"D D" @ 10 Weeks

"D D" @ 10 Weeks

"D D" @ 12 Weeks

"D D" @ 12 Weeks

D D @ 12 Months

D D @ 17 Months

D D @ 17 Months

D D @ 17 Months


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