KMK Evolutions Lottie v Greif

(Fetch Inn's X Nutmeg v Savage)


(05/07/2002 - 2014)

("Lottie" is named for her Grandfather, "FC-AFC Bier's Evolution", and Grandmother "FC Snake River Lottie")

Lottie Pedigree Genetic % Report


Height - 23   /  Weight - 50     Coat - Dense/Harsh

"Lottie" is a beautiful, high spirited little girl. She is absolutely "Bird Crazy"!!! "Lottie" has a great nose, plenty of run, and should be an amazing little Field Dog!!! When "Lottie" can keep her feet on the ground, she has a beautiful graceful gait, and shows great promise in the Show Ring, taking a placement @ the "2003 GSPCA NSS" from the 9-12 month puppy class. "Lottie" is a "Lovely Bitch" standing @ 23" with an approximate weight of 45 lbs. We have great hopes for her, as she is our "Little Treasure".

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"Lottie" - 3 Days Old

"Lottie" - 1 Week Old

"Lottie" - 4 Weeks Old

"Lottie" - How Could You Not Love her?

"Lottie" 1st Day Home

The Real "Ms Lottie"

"Lottie" - 9wks

"Lottie" - 9wks

"Lottie" - 9wks

"Lottie" - 9wks

"Lottie" - 9 wks

"Lottie" - 9wks

"Lottie" - 9 Months

"Lottie" - 3rd 9-12 Month Puppy Bitch @ GSPCA 2003 NSS under Judge Judith Goodin - handled by Leslie Smith.

"Lottie" - with the new Puppies "Riki" & "Lily"

"Lottie" @ 17 Months w/ "Mia" @ 3 Months - "Lottie" loves puppies!!

"Lottie & "Wit" - Jumping for Joy in their new yard in MN!!

"Lottie" @ 17 Months - always ready to pounce on someone.

"Lottie" @ 2 1/2 Years

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