KMK Leult Irish Whiskey v Greif JH

(CH Lehmschlogs Wit Field v Greif X CH KMK Irish Field Rose v Greif JH, NA)


( 05/01/07)

("Whiskey" is named for her dam, CH KMK Irish Field Rose v Greif JH, NA)

"Whiskey" Pedigree Genetic % Report

OFA Hips=Excellent  - DNA# (Pending)

Height - 20  /  Weight - 35     Coat - Dense/Harsh

"Whiskey" is Co-Owned by Kitty Keiner & Julie Thate of MN

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"Whiskey" @ 6 weeks

"Whiskey" @ 6 weeks

"Whiskey" @ 6 weeks

"Whiskey" @ 6 weeks

"Whiskey" @ 6 Months

"Whiskey" @ 6 Months - Going RWB at the Minneapolis KC - Handled by Bradon Grefe

"Whiskey" @ 11 Months with Gene Peterson training for her Junior Hunter title.

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