"Rocky" X "Hallie" 2018 LITTER

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Line Bred "GREIF"/"Radbach/EsserGreif" Hunting Litter

Due to Whelp around February 28th,  2018

KMK Hells Canyon Rocky NA I


(Hells Canyon Hank X Lehmschlogs Freya v Greif)

Height - 24 1/2 ~  Weight - 65  ~  Coat - Dense/Harsh

OFA Hips=Good ~ Elbows=Normal ~ DNA#

Co-Owners: Tracy Harmeyer of Krystal Creek Kennels & Kitty Keiner of KMK Shorthairs

Breeder: Gary Gage


Was Bred To

KMK Cohen's Hallelujah v Greif SH


(KMK Norden Axel v Greif X  KMK Fetch"N Gretchen v Greif JH, NA I)

Height - 22.5 "  /  Weight - 50    Coat - Med Dense/Med Harsh

OFA Hips=Good ~ Elbows=Normal

Owner: James Ferrell

Due to Whelp around February 28th,  2018

"Rocky" X "Hallie" Pedigree Genetic % Report

Line Bred "GREIF"/"Radbach/EsserGreif" Hunting Litter

This should be a great "Dual Prospect" ALL LIVER Litter of hunting pups!!

"Rocky" is a very balanced, "Standard Size" dog, with a beautiful layback of shoulders, lots of angles in the rear, and effortless movement.  He has plenty of bone, and a great "Greif" head with beautiful dark "Almond Eyes". "Rocky" is Line Bred "GREIF"/Radbach dog. In this breeding we were able to combine the best of the old Pacific NW "Greif" lines with the great old "Radbach" lines. It was our goal to preserve some of these great old lines within the breeding of his litter. The results have been amazing. "Rocky" is a very welcome addition to our breeding program.

"Rocky" shows many of the traits of his beloved Grand Sire "Handsome Harry". "Rocky" has a wonderful temperament. He is a very palsy natured boy. He has a way of winning hearts, exhibiting that old "Greif" charm. "Rocky"  is both a "Natural Backer" & a "Natural Retriever" be it land or water. He has high cooperation and real desire to please. He is an excellent, very biddable "Gun Dog" with an outstanding nose and a passion for the hunt. "Rocky" easily earned his NAVHDA Natural Abliity PZ I (112) title and is currently with his Co-Owner Tracy Harmeyer at Krystal Creek Kennels in Wisconsin, where he will prepare for his Senior Hunting Title and his NAVHDA Utility Title. "Rocky" stands @ 24 1/2" with a weight of 65 lbs and has a Dense/Harsh Coat.

First and foremost, "Hallie" is great company to have around. She is a beautiful girl, who is a friendly & trusting soul. She has a great nose, and lots of natural ability!!! Her dam "Gretchen" is line bred "Greif" bitch, who has earned her Junior Hunter,  and a Prize 1 NAVHDA Natural Ability Title. Her Dam "Axel" is out of a breeding of  Greif to EsserGreif. "Axel's" get have earned titles in many venues including, NAVHDA, AKC Hunt Test, AKC Show Titles, and placements at the GSPCA National Specialty Show.  "Hallie" combines the best of the old Pacific NW "Greif" lines with the great Mid-North EsserGreif lines in a very impressive pedigree of old blood lines.

"Hallie" has earned both her Junior, and Senior Hunter Titles, and is training toward testing for her Master Hunter title. She has also earned placements in NSTRA Field Trials. "Hallie" also hopes to train for testing in NAVHDA in the near future. She is a bird finding fool, is staunch on point, and has plenty of run. She is a very biddable little bitch, who has worked well under the a variety of handler/trainers.   She has the ability to hunt the tree lines and handles heavy cover with ease. "Hallie" has a very snappy retrieve, and a real love of water!

"Hallie" is a Lovely Little Bitch standing  22.5" with an approx weight of 50 lbs, & a Med Dense/Med Harsh Coat. She has tons of rear angles, lots of bone and substance, a beautiful Greif head, and an easy gait, covering plenty of ground.

The numerous National Field Champions, Dual Champions, Amateur Field Champions, AKC Field Champions and GSPCA Hall of Fame Dogs in these dogs immediate backgrounds, will provide these puppies with outstanding hunting and field potential.  We hope to get a very "Standard" size GSP from this breeding.

Please take a look at the Pedigree & Genetic % Report on this proposed hunting litter.

Include Phone # in all E-Mails.    

"Rocky" X "Hallie" Pedigree Genetic % Report

Please feel free to contact either of us.

James Ferrell

Phone: (310)283-4877


Kitty Keiner

Phone: (507)425-2788

E-Mail: kmkshorthairs@earthlink.net

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