"Vegas" X "D D" 2009 LITTER

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Whelped December 11, 2009

2 Solid Liver Females

VC KMK Runin Vegas v Greif JH, UT I, NA I


(CH J and K's Jake Von Greif X KMK Evolutions Lottie v Greif)

OFA Hips=Excellent / Elbows=Normal ~ DNA# V517957

Height - 25 /  Weight - 65     Coat - Dense/Harsh


Was Bred To

Lehmschlogs KMK D D v Greif

"D D"

(Lehmschlogs Starbuck v Greif X Lehmschlogs Schokolade)

OFA Hips=Good / Elbows=Normal ~ DNA# (Pending)

Height - 201/2"  ~  Weight 40 lb      Coat Med Dense/Med Harsh

Whelpded December 12, 2009

2 Solid Liver Females

"Vegas" X "D D" Pedigree Genetic % Report Ultrasound Early Days 3.5 Weeks 5 Weeks 7 Weeks

 "Vegas" is a NAVHDA "Versatile Champion", who has also earned a NAVHDA Utility Prize I (Perfect Score) & a NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize I (Perfect Score). "Vegas" is currently working on his Master Hunter Title with 2 legs under his belt. "Vegas" is an excellent "Gun Dog", who has passion, class & natural ability to spare. He is a very powerful swimmer & a natural retriever from both land & water. "Vegas"  is a big boned, short backed dog who stands 25" with a weight of approx 65 lbs, & a Dense Harsh Coat.

"D D" is a lovely little line bred Greif bitch. She stands at  20 " with an approx weight of 40 lbs, & a Med Dense/Med Harsh Coat. She has very nice Greif Head  and plenty of bone.  "D D" is a sweet tempered little girl who is a very biddable bitch, has tons of natural ability, carries a nice high tail, and has a great little nose. 

We should get a very "standard" size "Solid Liver" GSP from this breeding. The numerous National Field Champions, Dual Champions, Amateur Field Champions, AKC Field Champions, and GSPCA Hall of Fame Dogs in their immediate backgrounds, will provide these puppies with outstanding field potential.  

"Vegas" X "D D" Pedigree Genetic % Report Ultrasound Early Days 3.5 Weeks 5 Weeks 7 Weeks

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Kitty Keiner

KMK Shorthairs

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